Which Airport is Closest to New York City?

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The city that never sleeps, welcome to the Big Apple New York!! New Yorkers are truly blessed with having copious amounts of airports for traveling. As a global hub of air travel, New York offers its passengers various options in airports to choose from according to their needs. According to a study, New York has over 162 airports, and these airports entirely transport over 100 million people yearly. In this list of 162 we have chosen the best three options for airports that are almost nearest to New York. We are going to share with you comprehensive details about each airport and their positive and negative aspects regarding traveling services. Let’s dive into the best choices that might be your next destination for traveling.

Closest Airport to NYC – LaGuardia Airport (LGA)

The busiest airport in New York was constructed in 1939 as New York Municipal Airport. It has a variety of facilities, exclusive terminals, dining areas, lounges, etc. Three terminals are there to serve you. Terminal A caters to international travel since it was started. Terminal B objectively works for domestic flights as a central terminal building. Terminal C originated as a food, retail, and concessions court and used to welcome all arrivals. This expansive region is linked by buses and shuttles and has a total of 72 gates.

These terminals have flawless looks, added on this airport has delicious food corners or options where you can find every yummy food option to refill your hunger. LaGuardia is also known for its worst drawbacks like the ongoing renovation process. Which started in 2016 and is still going on. Due to this process passengers and visitors face difficulty walking and moving in the airport which is quite troublesome and bothersome at all.

New York contributed over $40 million to the construction process. Once it is completed other extra amenities will be added soon. Another negative aspect is that it’s much smaller compared to other airports. Due to this reason parking is a very hard task and the next thing is delays in flights are common. Apart from the negative sides, it’s very economical compared to other airports and the best choice for domestic travel because it’s more close to Manhattan, New York. It will take approximately 30 minutes by public or private transportation to get there at your desired destination. The distance is just 8.6 miles away from Manhattan. You can hire a limo service to safely travel to your city.

JFK John Fitzgerald Kennedy International Airport

It’s top-of-the-line for international flights. It’s recognized as first class for international flights. It was established in 1943. It is situated in vibrant Jamaica near Queens and just 19 miles away from Manhattan. JFK was considered to be a well-kept and fully clean airport in overall New York.

Overflowing facilities include multiple restaurants, shops, banks, car rental, and security facilities. They offer free Wi-Fi service for all visitors. They provide help for disabled people and offer convenience in parking and other waiting areas. JFK contains 8 giant terminals and the 9th is under construction. It’s the finest choice for international flights because over 72 air flights are functioning under this airport for traveling. Another big point is its extensive lounges which work as a rest place for minimizing the stress of traveling. The beautiful interior is captivating for visitors and acts as a mood changer.

To fulfill your ultimate hunger there are numerous food choices. There are countless food options you can choose from anyone. Now we are going to share some drawbacks. Flight delays are common at JFK. According to research, 62% of flights are delayed. On the other hand, it’s not affordable for everyone, and it’s a bit tricky to manage with their rates. The long routes of terminals make it tough to walk, but it’s not like a piece of cake to walk unstoppably in terminals. Unlike LaGuardia, this airport is far in the sense of 15 miles (23 km) from Manhattan. How to get to the city from JFK airport, the most safest and convenient option is to use air trains and the next option is to use rental cars but it’s a little bit expensive.

New York Liberty International Airports

It is considered to be the oldest airport in New York as it was established in 1928. It is located in New Jersey. Manhattan is 16 miles away from this airport. The best part of this airport is that they are providing quality standards in products and services and have satisfied their visitors for many years. This airport has been awarded a three-star rating by Skytrax. However, it’s a little bit under the fourth star. But its overall performance is 100 % satisfactory and reliable. It offers extensive gateways to international flights and connects worldwide. Like other airports, it has also ensured top-notch amenities like shops, restaurants, lounges, and free Wi-Fi for the ease of travelers.

Delayed Flight Comparison LaGuardia vs JFK

To expand this airport mega projects are going to enhance the image and picture of this airport. The United States will spend over 13 billion on this mega project in 2022. Instead of having positive points, it has some negative points. Flight delay problems are there and this airport is ahead of JFK in the sense of flight delay. According to a study, 26% of flights were delayed in 2022, and only less than 70% of flights arrived on time. It’s highly expensive among others just because you have to pay transportation costs. This airport is located in New Jersey. From the airport to Manhattan you need an air train or subway, which is full of hassle due to traffic and expensive charges along with requiring your time and patience. On the other side, the negative side of this airport is its workers and management, who failed to give their performance as it was required. Poor customer care service is the result of having a below-average second star rating from Skytrax.


After analysis of the three best airports that are nearest to New York, LaGuardia JFK is the better option to fly domestically. Add if you want to travel without any hassle you need to Book a ride limo, which can deliver you to your desired destination from the airport to Manhattan, without any stress and chaos. Our excellent drivers know the exact routes and our limos are pocket-friendly.