LaGuardia vs JFK: Which Airport Should I Fly Into?

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New York is the city of dreams and light, boasting almost 20 million people, and offers plenty of options for flying in and out. There are two amazing airports there. LGA (LaGuardia) and JFK (John Kennedy International Airport). However, choosing one of them is a bit tricky. Figuring out the best airport depends upon the amenities offered by the airport and your specific travel needs. So here we are going to discuss the comparison of both airports, comprehensively discussing each pros and cons and facilities and difficulties regarding flying service.

LaGuardia Airport (LGA)

LaGuardia Airport is the 3rd largest airport in New York established in 1939 in the northern part of Queens, New York City. At the airport, features include three Terminals A, B, and C connected by 72 gates. These are all combined or linked by pedestrian walks and buses.

Benefits of LGA Airport

  • It has the most definitive and convenient location. It exists in the northern part of Queens, close to Manhattan. Travelers can enjoy heading to the heart of New York.
  • It offers domestic and international flights that build connectivity through top-class several flight options.
  • Its cost-effective pricing is another benefit of this airport along with offering superb facilities. Now, travelers can enjoy all this without spending too much.
  • LGA is in the process of ongoing expansion. In 2024 this expansion will be completed and enhance airport amenities including improved travel experience and overcome overcrowding issues.

Drawbacks of LGA Airport

    • 15 15-minute walk is required between the terminal and the terminal. There is no bus or shuttle for convenience.
    • It needs to be more renovated compared to JKF. The renovation is still in process.

JKF (John Kennedy International Airport)

The largest and busiest airport in New York and the 6th busiest airport in the United States. It was well-constructed in 1948 and situated in southern Jamaica, close to Queen New York. It has 6 impressive terminals with different facilities like dining, shopping, relaxation areas, and free Wi-Fi facilities for travelers.

Benefits of JFK Airport

      • It’s a gateway to long–distance and international flights.
      • Approximately 70 airlines operate at JFK. It’s considered the first airport in New York which is perfect for international flights.
      • The airport has introduced a wide variety of food choices for travelers to enjoy their favorite meal after long-distance travel.
      • There are multiple food restaurants like Starbucks and Steakhouse.
      • Another great benefit of this airport is that allowing its passengers to relax in big lounges. But it’s only applicable to a few airlines that allow you to rest in specific lounges.
      • Beautiful interior and exterior are attractive parts to appeal to passengers.

Drawbacks of JFK Airport

      • It is quite expensive compared to LaGuardia, due to its lavish amenities.
      • It has a long route and it will take double the time to get to your destination point in New York.

Delayed Flight Comparison: LaGuardia vs JFK?

Delays at the airport are a common concern due to the reason for peak travel time and serious weather conditions. Flight delays directly affect passenger convenience and planning. It is better to check your schedule and flight status day by day and plan according to weather location to minimize flight delays. When it comes to Comparing LaGuardia and JKF, studies showed the result of flight delays occur in both airports but according to a study in JFK 62% of flights encounter chronic delays and the average delay is 104 minutes. On the other side, LaGuardia experiences 58% delays due to weather or chronic issues. Delay flight comparison depicts a clear result showing LaGuardia is a better option to be timely to fly to your destination. Otherwise, JFK is quite the busiest and delayed airport but otherwise, it is full-fledged and loaded with luxurious facilities and aesthetically appealing for travelers.

Getting To Your Home Or Hotel Near the Airport

If you’re traveling to New York, the best option is to choose LaGuardia because it’s closest to Manhattan. To get to your home, a rental car service or public transportation is there to access the city within 60 minutes. It’s just 8.6 miles from LaGuardia to Manhattan and 14.7 miles away from JFK to New York. JFK is far away from LaGuardia and Manhattan, on the edge of New York. It’s better to select an air train from JFK terminal to Jamaica or Howard Beach station, from where you can take a bus or metro to New York City.

Construction and Traffic at Laguardia

The construction process was disastrous. When it comes to traffic it is all caused by construction. LGA is smaller and does not have enough space like JFK. Due to having a smaller area inconvenience occurs all day. People get easily confused by walking and parking due to the construction process. This process has been going on since 2016 and is expected to complete in 2024. It was about to say “ A multi-billion dollar development program” would be thoroughly finished soon. Still, passengers use this airport and travel at its cost-effective rates which are nominal as compared to JFK.

Laguardia Vs JFK: The Bottom Line

Which one is the better option? Are you waiting for the bottom line? Well as you can see above, all the pros, cons, amenities, and concerns are comprehensively discussed over there for clarity. In my opinion, neither is completely good or bad, but each has its beauty and facilities. Now it depends on your needs and affordability which one you prefer according to your convenience. JFK is luxurious and top-rated as it is fully loaded with facilities with some flight delays. LaGuardia is great because it demands less time, it’s nearest to your home town and is less expensive. However, its renovation process is a little disturbing but timely and delivers you to your destination point.

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How Far Is LaGuardia from JFK

If you are a first-time visitor and want to navigate between LaGuardia Airport and JFK, you may be wondering how far LaGuardia is from JFK and what your travel options are. The two may appear close together on a map, but navigating between them may be tricky. But no worries—we are here to help! This guide offers helpful insights into the distance between the two airports and the various travel options. We have also offered some valuable tips for a smooth journey.

Distance between LaGuardia and JFK Airports

The shortest distance between LaGuardia and JFK Airport is around 10 miles. However, the actual travel distance may vary depending on the chosen mode of transportation. Public transportation may take you on slightly longer routes, while a ride-sharing service or taxi will take a more direct route.

Here is a quick breakdown of the distances for the different modes of transportation.

Car10 miles
Public transportationAround 14 miles
TaxiAround 11 miles

It may be helpful to factor in some extra travel time for traffic rushes, particularly during peak hours.

How to Travel Between LaGuardia and JFK Airports

Choosing the right transportation between LaGuardia and JFK would ideally depend on your budget, your luggage situation, and time constraints, if any. Here are your travel options

Taxis – Taxis are readily available at both airports and will take you directly to the desired destination.

Shuttle Bus – An economical option perfect for travelers with a lot of luggage or individuals traveling in groups! Many shuttle services operate between airports but they tend to have multiple stops and will take longer to reach.

Public transportation is probably the cheapest option (bus or subway), but it involves a transfer and is quite time-consuming. It is also not the best option if you have bulky luggage.

Ride-sharing service – Services like Lyft or Uber offer an economical and convenient option. However, prices tend to be quite high during peak hours and may increase the cost.

Car rentals—Renting a car offers flexibility and freedom to travel at your will, explore New York City at your own pace, and travel in a comfortable style. For a truly indulgent experience, consider booking a luxury limo ride. It may be the ideal option if you are considering corporate or luxury travel options.

It is pertinent to note that both JFK and LaGuardia are located outside Manhattan’s center. Consider your final destination when choosing your transportation mode.

Travel Time Between LaGuardia and JFK

Now that you have a fair idea of how far is LaGuardia from JFK and your travel options, let’s look at the approximate travel times for various transportation options.

Mode of TransportTravel Time
Taxi25 to 45 minutes
Private Shuttle30 to 60 minutes
Public Transport60 to 90 minutes

It is important to note that weather and traffic conditions can affect travel time. Rush hour traffic can add extra minutes to your journey. If you want to get there quickly, a private car or taxi service may be the most viable option.

Enjoy a Smooth Journey Between LaGuardia and JFK – Some Helpful Tips

  • For convenient and cost-effective travel, book a shuttle service. Some options are NYC Airporter or GO Airlink NYC.

  • For a budget journey, consider public transportation like the subway or MTA bus service. It will take much longer than traveling by car.

  • For a personalized and relaxed experience, pre-book a private car service.

To consider the actual travel time, factor in security clearance time and luggage collection. This will help you ensure you do not miss your flight.

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